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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises biedt het neusje vande zalm, of u nu een avontuurlijke expeditie wilt, of een cruise die in het teken staat van ultieme luxe. De expeditieschepen van de rederij, MS Hanseatic en MS Bremen, komen op extreme bestemmingen als het Noordpoolgebied en de Amazone. Maar ook de vaarroutes van de ultraluxe schepen Europa en Europa2 zijn onvergetelijk.
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MS EUROPA: Worldwide Mobile Phone Reception Now Available on the High Seas
- Mobile phone network available at all times
- Use of mobile phones and smartphones like at home

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises now enables passengers aboard MS EUROPA to make and receive mobile phone calls just like they do ashore. With this service, it is now also possible to make and receive calls using a mobile phone on all oceans throughout the world. In regions where conventional phone providers can generally no longer offer network coverage, the gap is closed by a special technological solution by Siemens.

Aboard the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises flagship EUROPA, every passenger is now able to conduct phone calls using their own regular mobile phone in the same way they do ashore – independently of where the 5-star-plus cruise ship (according to Berlitz Cruise Guide) is at that particular time. This is possible thanks to a technological solution by Siemens AG called “MOGIS“ (Mobile GSM Infrastructure over Satellite): MOGIS connects the cruise ship with a satellite which ensures that mobile phone calls can be conducted at all times worldwide.

“With this new service, we are offering our guests an important extra in terms of convenience and flexibility. They can now also be reached on the ocean at all times and are free to switch their mobile phones on and off whenever they please“, says Sebastian Ahrens, Managing Director of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. The charges for each guest depend on the contract with their respective mobile phone provider. They are usually slightly higher than the standard roaming charges ashore, but also significantly lower than the expensive satellite connection. The owner of the mobile phone will be billed for the charges directly by the mobile phone provider.

The system was developed by Siemens IT Solutions and Services based in Hamburg-Harburg/ Germany together with the company TriaGnoSys. MOGIS is the first mobile phone solution in civilian passenger shipping which is both simple and inexpensive to install.

The mobile phone technology, which is already being successfully used in aviation, is operated by the company OnAir.

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