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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises biedt het neusje vande zalm, of u nu een avontuurlijke expeditie wilt, of een cruise die in het teken staat van ultieme luxe. De expeditieschepen van de rederij, MS Hanseatic en MS Bremen, komen op extreme bestemmingen als het Noordpoolgebied en de Amazone. Maar ook de vaarroutes van de ultraluxe schepen Europa en Europa2 zijn onvergetelijk.
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For the Sake of the Environment: Carbon-Neutral Printing
From now on, all printing at Hapag-Lloyd Cruises will be carbon neutral. In collaboration with ClimatePartner, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises will calculate the unavoidable emissions from all brochure, folder and office print jobs and offset them by supporting a certified climate protection project in Kenya.

All printing done by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, such as brochures, folders, letters and even envelopes, will be carbon neutral. Carbon neutrality means that all greenhouse gas emissions are calculated and offset with carbon credits. These carbon credits represent real greenhouse gas reductions in a climate protection project. In collaboration with ClimatePartner, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has selected a climate protection project in Kenya to support these carbon credits. The water treatment project in western Kenya provides rural homes with water filtration systems, improving their access to clean drinking water. With water filters, it is no longer necessary to boil drinking water using firewood, which cut CO2 emissions. Clean drinking water will also reduce the illness and mortality rates of children and adults. The project will also create numerous jobs.

“Environmental protection and sustainability are of immense importance to Hapag-Lloyd Cruises,” says Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Karl J. Pojer. “With carbon-neutral printing, we are adding a new dimension to our commitment to sustainability.”

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is also working to protect the environment in many different ways: The EUROPA 2, the newest ship in the fleet, features a SCR catalytic converter which reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by almost 96%. Additionally, the principle of slow steaming is applied as part of the vessel management on all four ships. This means that itineraries are calculated using an environmentally sound average speed, which can cut fuel consumption by around 1/3. This is currently one of the most effective and best ways to reduce consumption and emissions. Additionally, the Zodiacs on the two expedition ships, the HANSEATIC and the BREMEN now feature electric motors, which can take guests out on environmentally friendly and quiet landings.

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