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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises biedt het neusje vande zalm, of u nu een avontuurlijke expeditie wilt, of een cruise die in het teken staat van ultieme luxe. De expeditieschepen van de rederij, MS Hanseatic en MS Bremen, komen op extreme bestemmingen als het Noordpoolgebied en de Amazone. Maar ook de vaarroutes van de ultraluxe schepen Europa en Europa2 zijn onvergetelijk.
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“Connoisseurs of Cuisine” cruises on the EUROPA 2 in 2015
  • Workshops in the Culinary School with renowned, gourmet guest experts
  • Featuring Alexandro Pape and Sylt sea salt, Stephan Garbe and his Gin Sul, and TV chef Jaqueline Amirfallah

    Watch over the shoulders of gourmet professionals, gather tips and tricks first-hand and find out interesting and valuable details on how to prepare top-class food and drinks: in 2015, guests on board the EUROPA 2 will once again be offered this opportunity on selected “Connoisseurs of Cuisine” cruises. Topics for the coming season include Arabian cuisine, sea salt, gin, and special ice cream creations.

    The experts on board Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ EUROPA 2, the 5-stars-plus* ship, come from a range of culinary fields and will give gourmet-loving guests exclusive insights into each of their specialist fields during workshops and cooking courses.

    On the cruise from Hamburg to Lisbon in May/June 2015, guests will focus on a very special and popular spirit – gin. Gin expert Stephan Garbe will bring along his Gin Sul, the Hamburg gin with Portuguese roots and together with the guests, will delve into the world of this fashionable drink.

    On a cruise through the Canary Islands and the Azores in June 2015, guests can expect another special culinary highlight: Riccardo Asti and Stefan Metzner from the restaurant Marais Soir in Munich will hold gourmet expert workshops and cooking courses in the Miele Culinary School on the subject of sherry. There will also be an exclusive Wine & Dine event. The chef and the sommelier triumphed at the German preliminary round of the Copa Jerez 2014/2015, the international sherry competition, and will initiate guests on the EUROPA 2 into the secrets of the wine from southern Spain.

    Befitting the route along the picturesque Mediterranean coast, “bella Italia” will be celebrated on two cruises in August. The ice cream experts from Giovanni L. will show both adults and children on board how the best Italian ice cream is made.

    And while the EUROPA 2 spends autumn 2015 sailing along the Arabian peninsula, guests in the Culinary School will gain first-hand experience of their destination’s cuisine as they explore the world of Arabian cooking, together with TV chef Jacqueline Amirfallah.

    On a cruise from Dubai to Mauritius, Alexandro Pape will reveal valuable and interesting facts about how Sylt sea salt is produced and collected, the first salt to be collected from North Sea water in a completely natural manner. In addition, Pape – who is also the chef de cuisine at “Fährhaus Sylt” – will offer cooking courses in the Miele Culinary School.

    Cruise examples:

    Ice cream workshops with Giovanni L.: from Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome), 01 August to 08 August 2015 (7 days)

    More ice cream workshops with Giovanni L.: from Civitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona; 05 August to 15 August 2015 (7 days).

    Arabian cuisine with Jacqueline Amirfallah: from Limassol to Dubai, 27 October to 10 November 2015 (14 days).

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